Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Has Contaminated ENTIRE Pacific Ocean

Fukushima nuclear disaster has contaminated the world’s largest ocean in only five years and it’s still leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste every day.

In 2011, an earthquake created a tsunami that caused a meltdown at the TEPCO nuclear power plant in Fukushima Japan.

Three nuclear reactors melted down and released radiation. Over the next three months, radioactive chemicals, leaked into the Pacific Ocean. However, the numbers may actually be much higher as Japanese official estimates have been proven by several scientists to be flawed in recent years.

Fukushima continues to leak an astounding 300 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean every day. It will continue do so indefinitely as the source of the leak cannot be sealed as it is inaccessible to both humans and robots due to extremely high temperatures.

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