Trap of the mustard gas anticancer drug poisonous gas hunting of the devil Shunsuke Funase 英語翻訳版


Trap of the mustard gas anticancer drug poisonous gas hunting of the devil Shunsuke Funase 英語翻訳版
This is the true actual situation of the hospital of Japan!
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Rise up against this devilry!
Be giant crimes tied to the power of the state!
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The real nature of the cancer therapy to assume contemporary medicine creates the illness of the fiction, and be the intense onset operation that was planned to deteriorate game, and to plunder of assets completely.
Crossed a hand, and the epidemic business to assume contemporary medicine stained a hand for the brutal crime that we wanted to do with a national right by dominating as an exclusive right.
The chemical warfare agent agent which called itself an anticancer drug is appointed as a primary intense carcinogen appointed in WHO.
The medical community brings about an excessive profit with carcinogens such as the mustard gas (mustard gas gas) that use of wartime was prohibited with Geneva Protocol in 1925; made become hardened, and was, and fixed on carcinogenicity and serious sequelae, and deceived the patients, and gave, and carcinogenesis made become sick intentionally, and the fact that directed the illness of the fiction, and started the damage that was serious – has been concealed.
Mind to cure a cancer does not have the contemporary medicine really.
Be totally reverse.
Give vent to illness how, and be studies whether you obtain of the plundering of the excessive profit.
The true real nature of the anticancer drug is a terrible primary intense carcinogen.
Actual situation – of the pink ribbon motion is a poisonous gas hunting cap by medical Mafias.
Were able to prove that it was the brutal crime that the most of calling itself treatment in contemporary medicine assumed plundering – purpose because mechanism of action was elucidated as scientific grounds.
Closed a hand, and were exclusive rights, and devils repeated worst-ever corrupt – commercial law using the mustard gas with a national right.
Must stop the violence of devils whom this exclusive right controls worldwide.
To that end, at first it is necessary for a victim to say -.

Be prostate cancer hormone drug thiotepa more than consumption melphalan leukemia incidence 100 times to enter anticancer drug ifosfamide top 3 of the most use in anticancer drug cyclophosphamide world, Japan where an ingredient is the nitrogen mustard gas of the poisonous gas chemical warfare agent of the Chemical Weapons Convention designation
Nitrogen mustard

The alkylating agent which is mechanism of action similar to the mustard gas, – anticancer drug which is a carcinogen of the WHO designation or carcinogenic risk designation dacarbazine
Procarbazine hydrochloride
Tamoxifen, cisplatin, carboplatin,
The person who received the following chemotherapy.
CHOP therapy R-CHOP therapy AC therapy AC+T therapy EC therapy CMF therapy FAC therapy CAF therapy FEC therapy CEF therapy MOPP therapy C-MOPP therapy CE therapy CEF therapy VAC therapy CHASE therapy ACVBP therapy ACF therapy M-VAC therapy ICE therapy IVAC therapy R-ICE therapy DeVIC chemotherapy IVA therapy VIP therapy BEP therapy BEP therapy
The therapy mentioned above is carcinogenesis, the worst-ever vip-off selling that is carried out to make it become sick, a harmful effect crime.