New hydrogen blast at Fukushima nuclear reactor after Japan quake-tsunami

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To the latest developments in Japan now where there’s been a second blast at the Fukushima nuclear plant. 11 people were injured in the explosion. The reactors are said to be intact at the moment. And officials claim there hasn’t been a change in the radiation levels since the latest incident took place. At least 22 people have already been exposed to radiation – after an earlier explosion following Friday’s devestating tremor and tsunami. Officials say the possibility of another blast is now unlikely. People within a 20km radius of the reactor have been evacuated to safety. There had been warnings of a three-metre high tsunami moving towards the northeast coast of Japan caused by a strong aftershock. We’re now getting reports that the alert has been lifted. Prime Minister Naoto Kan has called it the worst crisis since World War II. RT’s Ivor Bennett is in Sendai, one of the towns worst-affected by the huge wave.